Work In Progress

A Community and Accelerator Program for Freelancers and Solo Entrepreneurs.

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Tight-knit communities for reaching your goals

Starting and growing your own independent business can be great…but working alone sucks. Entrepreneurship of any kind can be a really isolating experience when you aren’t surrounded by other people doing their own thing.

Work in Progress is a community built around a 3 month program that helps you set goals, stay accountable, and ensure you have people to celebrate with when you get there!

Instead of feeling stuck on every decision, you can get honest feedback and trusted support to help you see around corners and anticipate mistakes…before they bite you.

Masterminds, clinics, & more

Your time is valuable (literally) so all Work in Progress sessions are guided by trained facilitators – a fellow creative or entrepreneur like you! – using the WIP battle-tested techniques.

Instead of trying to do it all on your own, joining the WIP program can help you:

  • Clarify and set goals
  • Find new ideas and inspiration
  • Push through challenges
  • Adjust (and commisserate) when things go wrong
  • Stay accountable to the things you want to do

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