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Event Recap: Opportunities for All

Published on Sep 12, 2023

What happens when you organize a diverse room of 100+ Philadelphians around a common goal like creating opprtunities for all? Magic.

Anne Gemmell Alex Hillman Opéola Bukola

12 things we learned about Cherelle Parker

Published on May 25, 2023

We learned a lot about the Mayoral candidates that many still don't know. Here's what we learned about the woman who won the democratic nomination, Cherelle Parker.

Anne Gemmell Alex Hillman

Which mayor would be best for Philly's smallest businesses?

Published on Apr 14, 2023

We analyzed and ranked how Philly's mayoral candidates will support small business based on their track records and policy positions.

Anne Gemmell Alex Hillman

10k Reacts to the Mayoral Candidates

Published on Apr 11, 2023

We asked the candidates to introduce themsleves, then reacted with context and our own honest commentary.

Alex Hillman

Best Philly Mayor's Race Events

Published on Feb 17, 2023

For the busy & overwhelmed, here's our curated list of the best events for meeting the candidates and talking with Philly voters like you

Anne Gemmell

10k Mayor Analysis:
On Money & Collabs

Published on Feb 09, 2023

Our latest snapshot of Philly's current mayoral candidates, and how our citywide collaboration strategy is already working

Anne Gemmell

Mayor’s Race Quick Explainer

Published on Jan 30, 2023

Philly is officially electing our next mayor this year, but did you know that our November election is essentially a formality?

Anne Gemmell

Our Next Mayor's Jobs Vision

Published on Dec 22, 2022

Our Director of Advocacy Anne Gemmell lays out the strategy, along with how to size up candidates & engage with the process

Anne Gemmell

RECAP: Intro to the 2023 Election

Published on Dec 15, 2022

Real change requires unity and coordination. Let's work together to make sure Philly's next mayor that works with us, not just for us.

Anne Gemmell

Nice to meet you. We're 10k.

Published on Aug 04, 2022

A personal note from from 10k's Executive Director

Opéola Bukola

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