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Diverse stories about real people in Philadelphia who built careers for themselves outside of the “normal” career template.

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Professional Success Stories of People Like You

If you spend your time reading articles and interviews with people who have been “successful” in their career, you may notice that their stories are a little too…perfect. Maybe the stories are inspirational, but what lessons can YOU apply to your own path?

Career Control Volume One aims to tell the imperfect stories of real people in Philadelphia who have built careers for themselves outside of the “normal” career template. People who have taken alternative paths, and made it work their own way.

The stories in this Zine are from people who have jobs you didn’t realize exist, and have jobs that make you wonder “how did they get there?”

To write this zine, Hannah Litvin interviewed freelancers, small business owners, performers, and beyond. Then she sifted through hours and hours of audio recordings to organize their experiences into interesting and engaging stories that you could actually learn from.

Career Control

Reality isn’t always pretty, or easy

Instead of glamorizing entrepreneurship, the ethos of Career Control Volume One is rooted in the truth of your “hierarchy of needs”. It comes from a place that recognizes that you’ve gotta have safety, shelter, food, and water. Careers involve compensation, and compensation is most often money, so it must be stated that the stories within involve people talking honestly about money and goals. Giving a shit about money doesn’t automatically make you a capitalist sellout.

We live in a society where free speech, bodily autonomy, and the basic rights of workers are being chopped and sold in exchanges between career-megalomaniacs and corporations. So maybe we aren’t crazy to want to step outside the limited boxes our employers offer?

Career Control Volume One is written to help you look out for your own hierarchy of needs. And maybe, inspires you to join the ecosystem of people in our own community who are already doing it.

Career Control Reader

What if your work were an act of independence or rebellion?

We hope that the ideas shared within Career Control Volume 1 will inspire you to consider the talents and skills you have to offer, and see how they could be your ticket out of the system.

You’ll read some stories about people who ended up working for themselves out of necessity, or changing careers after years in a different industry, starting from scratch.

There’s something rebellious in taking a hard left turn, and we hope by reading about other people doing a big scary thing, maybe you’ll keep inching closer to doing the thing you want to do, too.

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